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I am a business development specialist and growth advisor with over 10 years’ experience in driving growth strategies for corporate and individual clients.

I have worked with some of the world’s largest consulting and advisory firms across wealth management, market research and social impact.

Now, I work with corporate executive and small business owners to develop the right mindset, effectively communicate their value, and achieve sustainable business and professional growth.

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My keywords are Mindset | Growth | Impact. The right mindset equips you with the tools to grow and expand your horizon, and that growth translate into impact on the world around you through the value you deliver, the opportunities you create, or the motivational ripple effect.


For me, sales and growth are a game of the mind, and only the strongest can survive and thrive. My mission is to help you as a corporate executive and small business owner develop the Right Mindset, Communicate your Value, and Achieve Sustainable Professional and Business Growth


Sales has everything to do with our mindset and growth. You are selling something; be it yourself, your business, idea, service, or product. I believe the best way to grow your business is to reprogram the ineffective beliefs you have. I talk about this in my coaching program, where I coach you on how to stop limiting yourself. 

How I help You

Personal Growth Coaching

I help you elevate your mindset and effectively communicate your unique value through tailored coaching programs on

  • Career development,
  • Personal brand development,
  • Purpose-driven leadership, 
  • Growth hacking

Speaking Engagement

With a unique blend of action and result-driven messages that empower people to change the way they approach their lives, I lead strategic speaking sessions. Including 

  • Keynote,
  • Corporate Training,
  • Webinars

What Past Clients Have Said

Driving growth strategies for corporate and individual clients.

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